Balmoral House Preschool Programs

School Readiness Program

All children have different interests, needs and motivations and each child’s transition from kindy to Prep will be unique. Balmoral House Private Preschool supports your child to feel more comfortable about starting school by engaging in everyday activities.

What are the building blocks necessary to develop school readiness?

  • Self Regulation: The ability to obtain, maintain and change emotion, behaviour, attention and activity level appropriate for a task or situation.
  • Sensory processing: Accurate processing of sensory stimulation in the environment as well as in one’s own body that influences attention and learning that affects how you sit, hold a pencil and listen to the teacher.
  • Receptive language (understanding): Comprehension of spoken language (e.g. the teachers instructions).
  • Expressive language (using language): Producing speech or language that can be understood by others (e.g. talking to friends).
  • Articulation: The ability to clearly pronounce individual sounds in words.
  • Executive functioning: Higher order reasoning and thinking skills (e.g. What do I need to pack to take to school?).
  • Emotional development/regulation: The ability to perceive emotion, integrate emotion to facilitate thought, understand emotions and regulate emotions (for a child’s own responses to challenges).
  • Social skills: Determined by the ability to engage in reciprocal interaction with others (either verbally or non-verbally), to compromise with others and to be able to recognise and follow social norms.
  • Planning and sequencing: The sequential multi-step task/activity performance to achieve a well-defined result (e.g. a cut and paste task or a simple maths worksheet).

child concentrating on painting
children playing as a group

Build your child’s confidence

At Balmoral House Private Preschool we build your child’s skills to cope in various situations and increase their self-confidence by:

  • finding answers to their questions or concerns together.
  • talking to your child about how to ask for help and model what to say.
  • talking through some “what will I do if….?” situations with your child, for example “what will I do if my yoghurt spills?”

Strengthen your child’s independence

Balmoral House Private Preschool encourages independence by helping your child to practice:
  • packing and carrying their own school bag
  • putting on their shoes
  • eating and drinking without help
  • going to the toilet on their own
  • using tissues to blow their nose
  • recognising their belongings.

Each day brings new learning and development and we encourage parents and the wider community to be involved in this learning. We see school readiness as a collaboration between home, Balmoral House and the community. We look forward to welcoming your child to our family.