Our Philosophy

At Balmoral House Private Preschool we want to excite and ignite the power of imagination and curiosity in children and encourage and support them in their journey exploring the world in which they live and the environment in which they play, learn and interact with others.

Every child is unique and is therefore supported to be comfortable within their own skin. Kids prosper best with a broad, diverse and active curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them. Through children’s interests we will develop a learning environment, as co-constructors in an interactive curriculum. We will respect children’s rights to participate through respectful reciprocal relationships. We will collaborate with our colleagues to generate a culture of continual reflection and renewal of high quality practices in early childhood. We respect our natural environment and the importance of this environment to our planet and we aim to support and implement sustainable practice within the centre.

We believe children are connected to family, community, culture and place. Their earliest development and learning takes place through these relationships, particularly within the families, who are children’s first and most influential educators. We acknowledge that children are competent and capable learners. We believe collaborative partnerships with families and the community and the centre assists children to develop to their full potential.

Our team of great teachers will mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage so that our children are given the best opportunity to become life-long learners.

At Balmoral House we have three principles in which we believe children’s learning flourishes;

1. INDIVIDUALITY: We understand children are naturally different and diverse. Therefore, we strive to individualise teaching and learning to engage each child through our diverse educational programs and philosophies.

2. CURIOSITY: We believe that if we can light the spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn with minimal assistance, very often. Children are natural learners and curiosity is the engine of their achievement. Our children and teachers are encouraged to excite the power of imagination and curiosity.

3. CREATIVITY: Children are inherently creative. They have a process of imagining alternatives, possibilities, and we believe this is what makes each child so interesting, diverse and dynamic.

One of the specific roles of our education program is to awaken and develop children’s powers of creativity. Although we follow core learning disciplines which include:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Science and Maths
  • Geography; and Environment.

We also acknowledge although the above are all necessary for school readiness, they are not sufficient, which is why we extend our curriculum and give equal weight to;

  • Physical Education
  • Technology
  • The Arts; and Humanities.
small girl painting
small boy gardening
child drinking from waterbottle