Great News for ECEC Providers in QLD: Benefits from the 2019/2020 Queensland State Government Budget

The Queensland State Government recently published its 2019/2020 budget, and it offers a host of benefits for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) providers in Queensland.

According to a report published by The Sector, the three biggest changes affecting the ECEC sector include:

  • Increased budget for regulation.
    The QLD Government is committed to providing an additional $26.5 million over two years for ECEC maintenance and regulation. This increased budget is designed to enhance regulation in the ECEC sector and improve industry standards and educational outcomes. The budget has allocated $13 million for 2019/2020, with the remaining balance allocated the following financial year.
  •  Additional funding for Universal Access to Early Childhood.
    The QLD Government will increase the budget for the Universal Access to Early Childhood for children the year before school, allocating an extra $30.4 over two years.
  •  Tax changes for eligible ECEC providers.
    The new budget confirms that it will increase the exemption threshold for payroll tax payments, increasing it from $1.1 million to $1.3 million starting 01 July 2019. This move is designed to help small business owners, which the ECEC sector has many of.


How Queensland Compares to Other States

ECEC providers in Queensland will be glad to know that the Queensland Government is committing much more additional funding for industry regulation than the Victorian Government.

On the other hand, Queensland’s budget still lags behind those from other state governments when it comes to Universal Access provisions for younger children. Victoria and ACT, for example, are broadening Universal Access provisions to include children who are aged three and four. In Queensland, however, this remains only for children the year before full-time school.

But the good news is that the Queensland Government is committed to funding provisions that support early childhood development programs and initiatives. The Queensland Governments has confirmed that it is committed to increasing funding by $63.6 million over four years for these programs. This commitment is poised to provide better care and support for toddlers and children up to five years old.


What This Means for Parents

The increased funding and tax changes reflect the Queensland Government’s continuous commitment to ensuring a high standard of care and education for the local youth.

The increased funding for regulation also helps ensure quality care for pre-schoolers throughout Queensland, encouraging better service for parents and caregivers. The tax changes, meanwhile, will help small ECEC providers to reduce their costs and better compensate their staff and carers.

Together, these changes provide a bright outlook for parents and childcare providers throughout Queensland. Although there are still some areas that could use more support, the proposed budget helps the ECEC sector take a big step in the right direction.


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