Enjoy 24/7 Parenting Advice with ParentTV

It’s 7:30 in the morning, and you’ve already been up for three hours.

You’ve made breakfast for the whole family, prepared your child’s lunch, packed her bag, found her lost toy under the sofa, and laid out her favourite dress. The car’s warm and ready. The traffic outside is piling up. You call out to your daughter for the fourth time while using your phone to look for another route to her school.

But there’s one problem: she’s doesn’t want to go to school and starts crying.

What do you do?

This is a scenario that many parents are more than familiar with. But it’s also one that not many know how to handle properly.

With so much conflicting advice and information out there, how do you know which advice to trust?

Fortunately, there’s a reliable resource for parenting advice, and it’s free to use for parents of pupils at Balmoral House Private Preschool. It’s called ParentTV, and it’s making the task of finding the right parenting advice easier than ever.

What is ParentTV?

ParentTV is a one-stop online platform for parenting advice and information provided by parenting experts and professionals. It describes itself as the ‘Netflix’ for parenting resources, providing a subscription-based online library of videos and resources for parents and educators.

We’ve recently partnered with ParentTV to become a ‘ParentTV centre’, giving the parents of our children and our staff full access to this goldmine of parenting knowledge.

If your child is enrolled in our centre, simply sign up to ParentTV and use our login code to get free access to hundreds of on-demand videos for parenting advice for children of all ages. Even better, ParentTV’s content will be filtered according to your child’s profile (you can create a profile for each child), so the most relevant and appropriate videos will always be featured when you log in.

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24/7 Parenting Advice

ParentTV makes expert parenting advice more accessible than ever, giving you access to parenting tips and techniques any time you want. Most of the videos in ParentTV are between two to five minutes long, so it’s easy to learn and understand (perfect for busy parents and those on the go!).

But the best thing about ParentTV is the quality of its content. ParentTV’s content is sourced from and backed by parenting experts and professionals, so you know you are getting advice based on the latest research and best practices for parenting.

Sign up today and get expert parenting advice wherever you are and whenever you want it.


Not Just for Parents – It’s for Educators Too 

Parents are not the only ones who can benefit from ParentTV’s library of parenting content. Carers and early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals will also find ParentTV incredibly valuable.

With ParentTV, they can:

  • Get access to psychologists and fellow parenting experts and professionals
  • Learn the best practices for managing and treating children’s behavioural issues
  • Stay up to date with the latest research on a variety of childcare topics
  • Complete training courses and modules to advance their learning
  • Discover the right answers and approach for answering the common questions parents ask

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ParentTV is particularly helpful for ECEC professionals who have little experience dealing with young children’s behavioural issues, providing proven and expert guidance from other professionals in their field.

At Balmoral House Private Preschool, we use ParentTV to help our carers scaffold their knowledge and keep up with the latest studies and findings for child development.


Learn More about Using ParentTV

If you want to find out more about ParentTV and how to use it, don’t hesitate to check our ParentTV page or contact us to find out more. You can also read more about ParentTV from their official website.